Borrowing Power Calculator

This Borrowing Power Calculator is the right Calculator to use to work out how much you can borrow for a Home Loan, based on your income, expenses and loan details.

Home Loan Borrowing Power Calculator

This Borrowing Power Calculator takes the worry out of borrowing money with a home loan. In a matter of seconds, this calculator will show you the maximum home loan amount that you can borrow and how much your monthly repayment will be based on the data that you have keyed in.

You may enter your fortnightly, weekly, monthly and annual net salary on the specified fields above. You can also specify if you are calculating based on a joint income and how much of your income you are willing to allocate for a home loan deal.

Once you have done that, you may type in your expense details such as annual expenses, monthly car loan repayments, monthly credit card payment rates and other expenses that can be optimised through various time frames.

Finally, you can then enter the details of your home loan such as its interest rate and payment term. It is recommended to add an interest rate buffer of say 2% to cater for increases in Interest Rates.

If you have entered all of this information, this calculator will show your maximum home loan deal and monthly repayment in numeral and graph form.

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Your Home Loan Lender, Mortgage Broker or even Real Estate Agent will be able to assist you, and supply you with more details on the many Home Loan Types that are out there in the market place today.