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There are 21 calculators for you to use. Below is a description of them, and how they can assist you find the solutions to your home loan needs. Your Home Loan Lender or Real Estate Agent will be able to assist you further in organising the best home loan that will be right for you and your circumstances; even if you have a bad credit history.

Stamp Duty Calculators

Select the state you live in for the right stamp duty calculator for you!

Stamp Duty Calculator ACT Stamp Duty Calculator NSW
» Stamp Duty Calculator Australian Capital Territory » Stamp Duty Calculator New South Wales
Stamp Duty Calculator NT Stamp Duty Calculator QLD
» Stamp Duty Calculator Northern Territory » Stamp Duty Calculator Queensland
Stamp Duty Calculator SA Stamp Duty Calculator Tas
» Stamp Duty Calculator South Australia » Stamp Duty Calculator Tasmania
Stamp Duty Calculator Vic Stamp Duty Calculator WA
» Stamp Duty Calculator Victoria » Stamp Duty Calculator Western Australia


Home Loan Calculators

Select the home loan calculator to give you the answers your looking for!

Home Loan Calculator
This Home Loan Calculator is perfect to calculate what your repayments will be on a home loan amount over a term in years, with an interest rate.
Home Loan Comparison Calculator
Use this Home Loan Comparison Calculator to compare home loans, and even compare home loan lenders.
» Home Loan Calculator » Home Loan Comparison Calculator
Extra Repayments Calculator
Are you after fiding out the benefit of adding Extra Repayments to your Home Loan? Then this is the calculator for you! Find out how much you will save in Interest and Years.
Lump Sum Payment Calculator
This Lump Sum Payment Calculator will let you know the benefit of making a lump sum payment to your home loan. Find out how much Interest you will save, as well as the time saved.
» Extra Repayments Calculator » Lump Sum Payment Calculator
Borrowing Power Calculator
Find out if you can afford to buy your own home and get out of renting with this Calculator. You will see how much you can borrow and the home loan deposit required.
» Borrowing Power Calculator