Stamp Duty Australia

Stamp Duty Australia is a tax that is levied on documents. Historically, this included the majority of legal documents such as: cheques, marriage licences, finance documents, land transactions etc. A physical stamp (tax stamp) had to be attached to the document to denote that stamp duty had been paid before the document was legally effective. More modern versions of the tax no longer require a physical stamp.

The federal government of Australia does not levy stamp duty. However, stamp duty is levied by the states on various instruments (i.e., written documents) and transactions. The rates of stamp duty vary from State to State, as do the nature of the instruments or transactions subject to duty. Some jurisdictions no longer require a physical document to attract what is now often referred to as “transaction duty.”

Major forms of duty include the transfer duty on the sale of land, businesses, shares and other forms of dutiable property; mortgage duty; lease duty and duty on the hire of goods. Rebates or concessions are available from transfer duty for those purchasing their first home.

On 20 April 2005, the Treasurers of various States or Territories announced that they would phase out a number of duties, including Mortgage Stamp Duty; the duty paid on a Home Loan or Mortgage document over the following five years. However, duty on land ownership transfers would remain.

This is where our suite of Stamp Duty Calculator tools will be able to assist you calculate the right amount of stamp duty, which you can then add to your home loan.

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