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Finding the right Home Loan for You!!!

Why settle for one of the big 4 Banks. Selecting the right home loan is
one of the most important decisions you will ever make and it can save
you many thousands of dollars over the term of your loan. Our expert
Mortgage broker’s select loans form 100’s of different provides to find
the right loan to suit your needs. They have a proven track record of
getting loans approved at the lowest interest rates with minimal fuss.

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Life Insurance

Do you want the peace of mind to know that if you pass away your loved ones can still live in the family home. Life insurance is a must for all mortgage holders for that exact reason. You should take out a life insurance policy to cover the amount of your mortgage as a minimum. It’s important that you get the advice and select the right policy. If you’re after the best advice and price.

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Income Protection Insurance

How you ever wondered what would happen to your mortgage payments and house hold bills if you were injured and unable to work. Income protection Insurance pays you a monthly payment while you’re unable to produce an income due to injury or illness. If you’re after the best advice and price.

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Buying an investment property in your Self managed super fund

Investing in direct property from within your Self Managed Superannuation Fund has been a hot topic for the last few years. In simple terms, you can now invest in direct property with your money in your Superannuation Fund, provided you follow the rules and guidelines around Superannuation.

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Property Inspections – Building and pest reports

This is simply a must do they are many horror stories of people buying properties and then finding out that the property they have purchased has major issues such as , termites and more…


Is the transfer of the legal ownership of real estate from one person or entity to another. There are now companies that specialise in conveyancing and are able to supply the service for a flat fee.