Stamp Duty Northern Territory (NT)

This Stamp Duty Calculator NT provides an indication of the Stamp Duty NT payable on the purchase of a home, or land on which to build a home, where the purchaser is eligible for the Principal Place of Residence Rebate (PPRR) in the Northern Territory.

First Home Owner Concession
The Northern Territory Government provides a stamp duty First Home Owner Concession (FHOC) to persons purchasing their first home in Australia, or land on which to build their first home.

From 4 May 2010, FHOC is an amount up to $26 730 off the duty payable which represents the duty on the first $540 000 of the dutiable value of the property.

The FHOC is not means tested but the purchase price (including any GST payable) or unencumbered value of the home or land must not exceed $750 000 and $385 000 respectively. If building a home, there is no limit on the construction costs.

Where these thresholds are exceeded, the FHOC does not apply but purchasers may be eligible for the Principal Place of Residence Rebate.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, the results
should be used as indication only. They are neither a quote nor a pre-qualification for a home loan.


Persons eligible for the FHOC may also be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant.
From 4 May 2010, the PPRR is an amount of up to $3500 off the duty payable.
Note: Purchasers eligible for PPRR are not entitled to the First Home Owner Concession or the Senior, Carer and Pensioner Concession.

Stamp Duty Rates NT

Stamp Duty Northern Territory (NT) is calculated on the purchase price or unencumbered value of the dutiable property, whichever is the greater, as follows:

Where the dutiable value does not exceed $525 000 in accordance with the follow formula:

D = (0.06571441 x V2 ) + 15V Where D = the duty payable in $ and V = the dutiable value 1000