What is Stamp Duty

Many states in Australia levy a stamp duty tax on real estate transactions. This tax is used to pay for public services including public safety services, educational services and police protection. Most states have their own stamp duty rates and laws. As a result, many people have questions about how stamp duty is levied in Australia.

Here are some answers to common questions about stamp duty which can help readers learn more about this important source of revenue for Australian state governments.

When do people pay stamp duty when they buy or sell real estate?
There are two instances in which people pay stamp duty on real estate transactions. The first instance occurs when someone buys or sells a piece of real estate. Once ownership has transferred to a new owner, a property stamp duty is levied on the greater of the property’s purchase price or market value. The tax is levied on a marginalised basis. As a result, homebuyers who purchase a home in Australia tend to pay lower property stamp duty than other Commonwealth countries who levy stamp duty.

The second instance occurs when the buyer assumes a mortgage for a property. A mortgage stamp duty is levied on a portion of the mortgage loan that is used to purchase a property. This stamp duty is also used on a marginalised basis. As a result, many homebuyers use a stamp duty calculator to figure out to estimate how much they can afford to spend on mortgage stamp duty rates before they purchase a home.

When are stamp duty taxes due?
In most instances, the buyer must pay the property stamp duty within 90 days after assuming ownership of the property. States which require homebuyers to pay a mortgage stamp duty usually give homebuyers up to three months to pay the taxes.

Do individual states offer concessions on stamp duty?
Most states offer concessions on stamp duty. These concessions are usually offered to first-time home buyers. Most states also offer concessions to homebuyers who are purchasing homes which are worth $100,000-$200,000.Homebuyers who would like to take advantage of these concessions must apply for the concessions before they finalise their purchase agreement. Applications for stamp duty concessions are available from local conveyors and solicitors. Homebuyers may also visit their states’ tax and revenue websites to download application forms.

Are there any tools available that let homebuyers make estimates on how much stamp duty they must pay?
Homebuyers have several tools which can help them estimate how much stamp duty they must pay. These tools are called stamp duty calculators. A stamp duty calculator is an online tool which uses state stamp duty rates to estimate how much stamp duty a homebuyer must pay on a real estate transaction.

Finally, where can homebuyers find a stamp duty calculator?
Homebuyers can find a free stamp duty calculator online. For example, homebuyers can find a stamp duty calculator at various websites which cater to homebuyers. Homebuyers may also find stamp duty calculators at their states’ tax and revenue websites.